Those who know me will know that I’m a very curious person. I love hearing people’s stories. I’m an artist and my art is essentially one big inquiry on humanity.

My work intersects art, social change and conversations. I’m currently trying to understand the inertia to systems change by listening to people and hearing what stops them from living a purpose driven life or quitting a job that doesn’t serve them. I assumed that people hated their 9 to 6 jobs (often plus overtime) and that many businesses are exploitative of people and environment.

I figured I needed to challenge…

Introduction to this project:

My name is Fié, I’m an artist. At the end of 2020, I enrolled in a business course to try and understand why we are stuck in a financial system that’s broken. My assumption was that corporate cultures are toxic, people hate their 9 to 6 jobs, it’s a power game that cares for one’s own self interest first and foremost without much consideration of ethics, fair treatment of staff, environmental consequences and the inequalities in the world. I looked at the business world from the outside as this greedy machine that exploits natural resources and…

Immersive installation at Royal Albert Hall, designed by artist Fié Neo, that invites the audience to sit and discuss current socio-political issues. This was back in 2017, in between International Women's March and March Against Racism.

The systemic change that we need on so many levels of social and economic structures require a connection back to basic. Connecting with our feelings and emotions, sensing and feeling the world, learning to listen and learning in processes.

We live in a very data driven world that unfortunately doesn’t have much space for right brain thinking (the intuitive and imaginative dreamers). If we look at indigenous cultures, there’s always a storyteller, a healer, someone who connects the community and hold space to listen and for stories to be told. In change making work, that’s so integral and key to…

I recently recorded a podcast episode on Onions Talk with American artist Andrew Simonet. The conversation was about art, systemic change, care and the questions we ask ourselves and the world.

How can artists adapt to Covid-19? How do you sustain yourself as an artist? What does it mean to be an artist? How are my skills as an artist relevant right now? What better questions does the world need? How do we support each other?

The conversation with Andrew was emotionally profound. It reminded me of many things, including the fundamentals and essence of creating art. It was an…

We are at a crossroad, in a climate emergency. Earth is burning and it seems like the only solutions we have are in tech and renewable energy. Are they really sustainable for people and environment? We don’t talk enough about the impact of renewable energy on the ecosystem, like dams constructed for harnessing hydropower that greatly influence the flow of rivers, which can alter ecosystems and negatively impact wildlife and people, through flooding or other ways.

Have we not realised that the climate crisis, the pandemic, the inequalities are all symptoms of a broken system? This system is falling apart…

I recorded a recent Onions Talk podcast episode with Aysen Dennis on redefining activism.

Redefining activism: Local connection and community care #changemakers

Aysen shares her incredible story from Turkey to England, from escaping political imprisonment to building her philosophy around activism — activism as a lifestyle. She offers a different take on activism, beyond demonstrations and protests. Activism is about knowing where you live and the people you live with. It’s about talking to real people, real problems because change comes from how much you work within communities. It’s about sharing with and caring for the people around you.


I spent the past years researching into change making and in the past months, I’ve been focusing on social innovation. In a world that largely runs on capitalism, I realised that financial sustainability is as important as purpose and impact. I was particularly drawn to social entrepreneurship as it addresses the factors needed to create long term impact while taking care of the wellbeing of its workers (changemakers). I believe social innovation is where the future of meaningful work can be created.

But what is innovation?

In a recent interview, I was asked about the difference between innovation and creativity. Reflecting on my design…

After graduation, most would have had to do an internship to put their foot into a certain industry or to gain enough work experience to be employed. But when does an internship become exploitation? Should interns be working past office hours and expected to reply messages on off days? How much work is too much work? What is a realistic expectation of work load and performance?

In these uncertain times, competition in the job market is at its peak. For fresh graduates, this is probably especially trying as job markets are already competitive pre-covid. …

fié neo

Fié Neo is an interdisciplinary artist and intersectional thinker. Instagram @feeyeh_neo | Podcast: OnionsTalk

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