How to change the world? First, let’s rethink value.

Value shifting

Image from Barrett Values Centre
Theory U taken from


Improvised Theatre Project ‘Generations’ I did with seniors from Claremont Project, photographed by Monica Alcazar-Duarte

In the project ‘Generations’, I saw how the seniors gained confidence over the weeks. We brought in all sorts of materials and there was a whole lot of creativity, fun and laughter during the improvisation workshops. Some were timid and shy at the start but at the end, all stood confident and proud on stage when we were applauded. There was something powerful about being seen on stage. The performance was beautiful because it showed our teamwork, chemistry and fun — all of which were built during the development process and because all of us were invested in building genuine relationships with each other.

If we want to change the world, we first need a change in mindset. If we can change our purchasing habits, we can create new jobs.

What can you do to change the world?



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