I went on a dating app to find out what’s stopping us from systems change.

fié neo
4 min readMay 7, 2021

Those who know me will know that I’m a very curious person. I love hearing people’s stories. I’m an artist and my art is essentially one big inquiry on humanity.

My work intersects art, social change and conversations. I’m currently trying to understand the inertia to systems change by listening to people and hearing what stops them from living a purpose driven life or quitting a job that doesn’t serve them. I assumed that people hated their 9 to 6 jobs (often plus overtime) and that many businesses are exploitative of people and environment.

I figured I needed to challenge these assumptions and be open to what might come out from the other side that I don’t understand. I chanced upon a report on a dating app and was curious about how they designed it and their take on what kind of elements create better conversations. Then it struck me that through such platforms, I can reach people from different walks in life, different social classes, different job titles, different industries and in different locations. It offers quite an expansive reach and opportunities to talk to people I wouldn’t usually get to.

So then, I crafted my profile.

I chose ages 18-35 as I’m curious about young people’s opinion.

I changed the location as and when I fancied just so I have a broader perspective from different parts of the world.

This conversation was an interesting one with a creative from Los Angeles who works in VFX.

Something that’s been on my mind recently… how might creatives come together and fight for better working conditions and respect for the work we do? Any thoughts? (Comment 👇 ! )

Let’s make exploitation a thing of the past. 💪

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fié neo

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